Soccer Analytics 2021 Review

Collection of the soccer analytics content that I liked the most in 2021!

Thursday, December 30, 2021

The soccer analytics community is growing year after year. The potential of soccer data is not only catching the attention of researchers and amateur analysts but is also attracting more and more interest from soccer clubs. While the increased availability of freely available data and tools as well as the global pandemic led to an explosion of soccer analytics content in 2020, soccer clubs have arguably made a record-number of signings for data-related roles in 2021. Nevertheless, a significant number of high-quality blog posts and research papers has appeared in the past year. Like last year, this blog post provides an overview of the content that I liked the most!

As a result of the increased interest in soccer analytics, separating the wheat from the chaff has also become more challenging, especially for newcomers to the community. I keep track of the latest developments in the soccer analytics community primarily via Twitter, maintaining a list of soccer analytics people. This blog post lists my favorite soccer analytics content from the past year. If you believe your favorite research paper, blog post, webinar or podcast also deserves a spot in this review, then feel free to send me a direct message via Twitter or LinkedIn.

Research papers (50)

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