Soccer Analytics 2022 Review

The soccer analytics community continues to thrive, attracting an increasing number of enthusiasts who are interested in the data side of the sport. Although professional clubs are increasingly seeking out talent for data roles in the community, a wealth of exciting soccer analytics research has appeared in the public space in the past year. However, with the growing interest in soccer analytics, it can be challenging to sift through all of the available content, especially for those new to the community. Therefore, I have compiled a list of my favorite research papers, blog posts, and news articles from the past year to help you navigate the abundance of information.

This blog post lists my favorite soccer analytics content from the past year. If you are looking for more soccer analytics content, I would recommend you to follow my list of soccer analytics people on Twitter and to read through my review blog posts from last year and the year before. I also maintain dedicated Linktree pages with sports analytics book recommendations and sports analytics career advice. If you believe your favorite research paper, blog post, or news article also deserves a spot in this review, then please share your favorite content via my personal Linktree page.

Research papers (35)

Blog posts (56)

News articles (15)

Podcasts (6)

Books (2)

Events (7)

Code repositories (10)

  • floodlight Load, integrate, and process tracking data and event data from major data providers. Code. Documentation.

  • football-data-analytics Collect, analyze, and visualize soccer data. Code.

  • football-tracking-data-from-TV-broadcast Extract tracking data from broadcast video feeds using YOLOv5. Code.

  • itscalledsoccer Query the American Soccer Analysis API. Code. Documentation.

  • plottable Plot visually-appealing, presentation-ready tables with soccer data in matplotlib. Code. Documentation.

  • roboflow Track soccer players using YOLOv5 and ByteTrack. Code. Documentation.

  • soccerdata Scrape and parse soccer data from a multitude of soccer data websites. Code. Documentation.

  • soccercpd Detect tactically-intended formation and role changes from tracking data. Code. Documentation.

  • sport Estimate 3D body poses of soccer players using YOLOv7. Code.

  • tfutils Parse, explore, and plot tracking data from TRACAB. Code. Documentation.